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During the past months of the year since inception, we have successfully undertaken a large number of projects for clients in a variety of sectors.  In addition to privately financed projects, we have undertaken projects for the Lesotho Government, various NGO's, Public Sector Institutions such Parastatals and a wide variety of other Institutions.



•  Organizations driving change to realize their ambitions.

•  Organizations that are achieving optimal value from Tripart are typically found in the fast changing services sector


We have delivered Tripart Solutions to over twenty five highly dynamic organizations in over five districts of the country and South Africa.

Some our clients in the public sector include:

•  Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

•  Ministry of Finance and Development Planning

•  Ministry of Education and Training

•  Ministry of Public Service

Some of our clients in the private sector include:

•  Lesotho Postal Bank

•  Nedbank Lesotho

•  Pep Stores

•  Telecom Lesotho

•  Lesotho Planned Parenthood Association

•  Lehakoe Recreation and Cultural Centre

•  Blue Cross Resource Centre

•  Central Bank of Lesotho

•  BAM Consultancy

•  BAM Promotions

•  Lesotho National Development Corporation

•  Informative Newspaper









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