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Tripart is under the full management of Mr. Thabang Mosena, as its founding Managing Director. He has vast experience in Admnistration through his former employment both in the private and public sector.

He currently heads a team of professional and support staff towards the delivery of the objectives of Tripart Office Solutions. However, depending on the magnitude of tasks assigned to Tripart, partnership with other established organizations becomes a necessity, which Tripart exercises effortlessly.


Today's technology commands acknowledgement of the aim of modern enterprise. To empower people at all levels of the business enterprise or organization to achieve desired business ambitions. Tripart is a company founded on this idea. Our business ideals deployed by hundreds of professional and public countrywide, enable unlimited organizational change and limitless scalability.

From the beginning, Tripart has understood that it is not just capital resources that make an organization run well. It is people. And because our values define and shape the products we offer, including precise tailor-made business solutions to suit any type of organizational set-up for quick response to daily problems.

Our aim is to see your business flourish through realizing its collective vision for success. We support that vision with hardware and software solutions that adapt to not only the needs of employees at all levels of the organization, but also their individual strategies and tactics.

Our customers recognize the culture within Tripart that is based around building sustainable partnerships, because organizations rarely succeed in isolation. Accordingly, by choosing to work with Tripart products, you are choosing to work with people who are experts in helping to build businesses and organizations flourish and who have proven record for caring about customer's success.


Corporate Solutions was established in the early 2009 with the sole purpose of assisting businesses in Lesotho and the Southern African region to succeed in a market economy. As such the successful resolution of practical issues facing business managers in this region is central to our business.

Tripart Business Solutions provide integrated solutions for both operational and strategic organizational management. The solutions span three key areas.

•  Construction Equipment

•  Business Management Equipment

•  Project Management Tools & Services







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